Savings, CDs, and Money Markets
Citizens Community Bank pays competitive interest rates on  savings products and CDs that are eligible for insurance by the FDIC. Call us for current interest rates at 208-232-5373 or contact us through our website. 



Account Type Minimum to Open Monthly Service Charge
Certificates of Deposit
$500 None

Citizens Community Bank offers competitive fixed rate certificates of deposit (CDs) with terms ranging from 3 months to 5 years. 

Early withdrawal of CD funds may result in a substantial penalty.

Contact us for current rates

Regular Savings
$50 None if $100 minimum balance per month; $2 service charge if not maintained.
  • This is a variable interest rate account that earns competitive interest.
  • $100 minimum balance requirement; $2 charged monthly if minimum is not maintained. (*Does not apply to minor account holders.)
  • 6 free monthly withdrawals/transfers; $1 per item in excess of 6.
Money Market
$50 $10 per month if balance is less than $2,500

Our traditional Money Market Checking Account with a $2,500 minimum balance

  • Tiered interest rates depending on account balance - subject to change at any time - contact us for current rates
  • Easy-to-balance monthly statement available in paper or electronic delivery


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  •  Fees could reduce earnings on accounts.
  • Savings and Money Market Transactions are limited.  You are limited to 6 withdrawls per statement cycle.  This can be a combination of checks, ACH debits, telephone, online  or preauthorized transfers.  Withdrawals and transfers made in person, by messenger, by mail, or at ATM are unlimited.

Other Fees may apply. See Schedule of Fees for details.