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Business Online Banking

Convenience for your business.

Online banking is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to do your business banking. It's easy to transfer funds between accounts and stay on top of your accounts by viewing current transactions, seeing actual images of checks and deposit slips.
  • Access 18 months of your previous statements
  • Download account information to most financial management software, a word processing document or even a spreadsheet
  • Easily and conveniently make loan payments
  • Set up email/text alerts
  • Order checks and much more!
  • Frequently Asked Questions
 If you would like to sign up for online banking you can contact us at 208-232-5373 or We can also help you at any branch location.

Business Management Tools

Available to business customers through Online Banking, you can send and receive payments  electronically through an automated clearinghouse. This service can help you with payroll, collecting regular payments from customers and more. Check out some or our options below!
Direct deposit makes payday simple for your employees. No more heading out to deposit or cash their paychecks – It’s already in their account.
  • Because there is only one debit to your business account at the end of the month, there are no payroll checks for your accounting department to reconcile
  • Your business will use far fewer checks, and you no longer need to sign all of those paychecks
  • You won’t need to reissue checks or place stop payments on lost payroll checks
Examples of recurring payments could include monthly utilities, fitness club dues or other memberships, property management fees, donations, or similar continuing payments.

  • Your payments from customers arrive on their due dates
  • You have immediate access to funds
  • Eliminates the need to send out additional notices or pay collection fees
Protect your company against costly check fraud with our Positive Pay service. Each check presented for payment will be compared against checks you have issued, and we will notify you of any mismatches. You can view mismatches or exceptions online and direct us to pay or return items — all before any funds are exchanged.
  • Reduce Potential Losses Due to Check Fraud — Positive Pay helps protect against altered and counterfeit checks by providing you the opportunity to return checks within the required 24-hour deadline
  • Make Pay or Return Decisions with Confidence — See actual images of exception items via Online Banking so you can quickly and easily determine the correct disposition of any checks with discrepancies
  • Funds Stay under Your Control — Timely return decisions allow funds to remain in your account, avoiding delays and the risk of loss associated with late returns
Using the internet and our check scanners you can process your deposits from your office any time -day or night. You'll no longer have to run to the branch to make deposits!
Take care of business with Bill Pay

When you’re in business, saving time is saving money. That’s why we created Business Bill Pay services that help your business save money by eliminating things that take time—like bill preparation and check writing. With Business Bill Pay, you can pay expenses quickly and easily online.
  • Track payment history and account balances
  • Set up and manage recurring payments
  • Make person-to-person and bank-to-bank payments
  • Receive alerts when bills are due via text, email, or both
  • Import payees from QuickBooks, and more!
  • Frequently Asked Questions 
Stay clutter free for a fast, efficient and convenient way to review your statements and canceled checks online at any time, day or night.

To receive eStatements, you must be enrolled in Online Banking. Once enrolled, simply login and click the eStatements tab to enroll your accounts today.